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Bookmark Nicknames

Vivaldi gives you the option to assign a nickname to a Web page, which you can then use to quickly load that page, by typing the nickname in the address bar.

  1. Bookmark Nicknames - 1st Step

    Go to the Speed Dial page and click on Bookmarks in the top menu.

  2. Bookmark Nicknames - 2nd Step

    Click any bookmark and add a Nickname to the right side panel.

  3. Bookmark Nicknames - 3rd Step

    Go to the address bar and type a saved Nickname and after that press Enter. You will also see the assigned webpage in a drop-down list.

  1. Efficiency

    1. Speed Dial
    2. Notes
    3. Quick Commands
    4. Tab Stacking
    5. Tab Tiling
    6. Panels
    7. Reader View
  2. Navigation

    1. Mouse Gestures
    2. Visual Tabs
    3. Rewind
    4. Fast Forward
    5. Trash
    6. Bookmark Nicknames
    7. Tab Cycling
  3. Search

    1. Custom Search
    2. Search Field
    3. Find in Page
  4. Customization

    1. Speed Dial Groups
    2. Speed Dial Background
    3. User Interface Scale
    4. Interface Color
    5. Shortcuts
  5. Security & Privacy

    1. Clear Private Data
    2. Fraud Protection
    3. Do Not Track